On Sunday the 12th of October 1998 while I was passing a local church with my friend Adrian I saw this really nice sign and we were both shocked and mortified.

Photo of sign saying "God Hates Homosexuality"

Wasn’t that nice of this church???? (You would think they could have a more positive message for the world)

I decided I had to go and get a photo of it (at 3am) to show the world.

I told my friend Andrew about it, and he was shocked too, he told all his friends.

Andrew thought the sign would get vandalized, I disagreed, I didn’t think that the people who lived out in the suburbs around Boronia were going to vandalize a sign that expresses their deepest inner emotions.

I was wrong

The next night it had been vandalized.

Somebody had taken a black texta and changed the sign to read “God Hates Nobody And There’s No Room In This Community For Hate”

My faith in humanity had been restored, their are nice people in the suburbs :)

And as the saying goes, “An Eye For An Eye”…the church goers destroyed Serrano’s Piss Christ, so some nice soul destroyed their evil vile message.

And if you vandalized the sign, well that’s wrong, but hey GOOD FUCKING WORK

So want to know where the church is?? I bet u do

Christadelphian Hall

265 Boronia Road, Boronia

Phone 9762 0954

Melways Ref: Map 64 G9

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Some people like to send me mail on this subject, its boring, but then Christians never were the most interesting people (apart from when they had the lions chasing them around the arena for sport, but that was the good old days) anyhow, for your pleasure I present the best (or rather worst) of the E-mail.

Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 5:44 AM
Subject: RE:ANSWER

GOD does hate the act’s of homosexual’s..he does not hate the
person only the sin he or she is acting out..and no I do not
belive you or anyone else was born that way.that is a fiction to be able to justify your act. MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

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