F.A.Q. about ME

(Updated March 2011 )

This is the update where I cant really be bothered getting rid of all the crap I wrote in the past and just giving it a minor touch up in places, but i can be bothered writing the odd snarky comment

me at Christmas 2010

The Details…

Brett XXX Tuttleby. Why do parents need to torture their kids? I mean what purpose does middle names have? Huh??? I want answers. Anyhow I have carefully and delicately removed the reference to my private torture and replaced it with some x’s

Melbourne, Australia

Years on the net:
Since 1993 (14.4k did seem kinda fast back then)

ICQ #:
3890025 (How out of date is that? ICQ? no ones used that since 1921)

I am 30, If I had a choice I would eternally be 17 years old forever, but hey that just ain’t going to happen, so I guess I’m just going to have to live with getting old

Queer, faggot, poofter etc etc. I was born that way and I am fucking proud of it. Next stupid str8 person who asks me “When did you decide to become gay?” is going to get a good old verbal bashing. (And boy did he get a bashing when he asked me this at 3am and I was pissed off my tits) I’ve been this way all my life and have never strayed over to the evil oh so bad heterosexual empire. (At this point I would like to say a big hello to all my heterosexual friends…you know who you are)

Relationship Status:


“You are the wind beneath my wings”

My Friends, cause each and every one of them has an individual quality (and in some case multiple qualities) I aspire to Smurfs, cause they are little blue people fighting discrimination in a world full of tall people that like eating them Abe the Mudokon

Knoxfield Preschool
Knoxfield Kindergarten
1980-1986 – Knoxfield Primary School
1987-1992 – Scoresby Secondary College
1993-1998 – Various bits of “study” at university. A stint doing Open Learning (which is basically watching TV to learn and sending in the odd scrap of paper) as well as attending La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia, doing a Bachelor of Arts – Humanities (sounds pretty cool hey?…and yes I know it will get me no where in life

I currently ply my trade doing some weird thing that I’m yet to actually find a description for. But it involves a using a machine that engraves onto surfaces like plastic to create – Obviously its highly technical and skilled.
I used to write for a Prince magazine which then became a music website called 7 Magazine You can even see an article I did about Prince cover songs here

Career Aspirations:
I’ll let you know as soon as somebody offers me a decent job, with really really good money, that does not require me to do a lot, and most importantly I do not have to get my hands dirty…any suggestions??? (And NO prostitution does not count)

I did drive a cool little RED Holden Barina. I say did because in the middle of ’96 some stupid BITCH made an illegal turn at an intersection into oncoming traffic. That “oncoming” traffic was ME and my car. Of course my car got smashed, crashed and bashed (as it does when you hit into a 4WD) thus my beloved car is no longer of this earth. Then I got myself an even cooler DEEP BLUE Holden Barina – with tinted windows and of course the rainbow sticker on the back window! But that has now gone to the great car wreckers in the sky. So now i drive a Nissan Micra

My Hair This Week:
short spiky hair natural brown with maybe just an hint of color in it, ok I attacked it with a bottle of L’Oreal Feria No. 36 – Chocolate Cherry (I’m leaving this line stuck in 1997)

Years ago when I could be found on IRC (and I haven’t been on in years and years) I use the nick Cassiel. For all those people who question where I got the nick from here are the details. Cassiel is the name of a character in a film called Faraway, So Close!. If you have seen the video clip for the U2 song Stay (Faraway, So Close!) then you will sort of see the film. Anyhow the character is also immortalised in a song on the soundtrack album called Cassiel’s Song which is sung by the brilliant Nick Cave. Basically the film is about an angel, Cassiel, that watches over the people of Berlin, he falls to earth and becomes human blah blah blah, its a brilliant film and I suggest that u go and find it at the video shop if u can
So why did I chose that nick??? Cause I liked it ya stupid fool

Musical Taste:
In no special order… Bjork (cause she is so talented) / NIN (my outlet for aggression, redemption and peace) / Madonna (but how many fags don’t?) / David Bowie (He has a voice to die for) / Sigur Ros (what a sound, what fabulous music ) / U2 (make great music and fantastic live shows) / Pansy Division (lyrics and music to make a queer boy happy) / Tricky (he has an unmatched presence) / Me’Shell Ndegecello (she’s just too funky) / Prince/ O(+> /The Artist. (He still makes interesting music) / Boy George (His last album, Cheapness & Beauty, was actually very good) / Ben Lee (The worlds greatest something and he’s good at it) Cheers Ben ;) / Ash (much better looking then Silverchair) / Marilyn Manson, (Ok so he’s a little weird, but he’s very intelligent) / Green Day (cause they wrote a song about me, Walking Contradiction) / Gerling (hmm what i would like to do to those guys) / / GusGus / Skunk Annasie / Nick Cave / Imperial Teen / Annie Lennox (What a voice) / Neneh Cherry / Rufus Wainwright (he’s so dreamy) /

Words & Letters:
In an interview once, Bono from U2 said;

I have at home an extensive library of classics, right the way though to books on gardening. I’ve thousands of books and I’ve read the first 17 pages of all of them

The same applies to me except I don’t own any books on gardening. I do like to read, however I tend to read the study guide of a book rather then the book itself. (But a student has to survive as best as a student can)
I’ve also read two great collections of short stories about gay and lesbian youth. One is Ready Or Not edited by Mark Macleod, and is my personal favourite of the two. The other is Hide And Seek edited by Jenny Pausacker. I enjoyed both, but Ready Or Not was a lot easier to read, more enjoyable and had some funky cover art! I highly recommend both of these books to young people I also highly recommend Christos Tsiolkas’ Loaded . He seems to have a good insight into what’s going on in the world around him. My tip is to avoid the film and go straight for the book. The film is good, but the book is fucking fantastic. I’ve also read Jump Cuts, which he has co written with Sasha Soldatow. They describe the book as “An Autobiography” Its a exchange of ideas and thoughts between these two men of a random nature.

Some Fav Books Of Mine:

  • Loaded by Christos Tsiolkas’
  • The Catcher In The Rye By J.D. Salinger
  • Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs
  • Johnno by David Malouf
  • Dream Boy by Jim Grimsley
  • Ready Or Not edited by Mark Macleod
  • Hide And Seek edited by Jenny Pausacker
  • Holding The Man by Timothy Conigrave (More info on Tim is here)
  • Take It Like A Man by Boy George
  • Glove Puppet & Pussy’s Bow By Neil Drinnan (Currently reading Quill)

I have a preference for “quality”, so if it has Bruce, Arnie, Demi or any of their friends in it, I probably don’t like it. Also if it has a song sung by a certain Miss C Dion, then I’m going to hate it with a passion and walk out of the cinema when that certain Miss C Dion’s song comes on.
Some of my favs, in no special order

  • Totally Fucked Up
  • The Living End
  • The Doom Generation
  • Nowhere
  • Beautiful Thing
  • My Own Private Idaho
  • Les Nuits Fauves (Savage Nights)
  • Lost Highway
  • Clerks & Chasing Amy but not Mallrats (well not all the time)
  • Salmonberries
  • Love and Human Remains
  • The Breakfast Club
  • Edge of Seventeen (loved the soundtrack)
  • In Bed With Madonna
  • I Think I Do
  • Trick
  • Get Real
  • Hedwig and the Angry Inch
  • The Rules Of Attraction
  • Donnie Darko

Fav Directors:
Gregg Araki
Unofficial Web Site of Gregg Araki
Latest Film Mysterious Skin (This movie has a top soundtrack)
David Lynch
Web SiteDavid Lynch
Latest Movie -Mullholland Drive
Kevin Smith -
Web SiteView Askew
Latest Film
Wim Wenders
Web Site -
Latest Films

I believe that Foxtel is the greatest thing since split apart muffins, I just wish they had more channels.

I admit I watch The OC (I have a thing for Seth) and Dawson’s Creek (a thing for Pacey). But I do like quality TV as well like Twin Peaks
When I was younger Parker Lewis Can’t Lose was a favourite and now that I am older and they are repeating it on the Disney channel, I can enjoy it all over again – ahhh life is not a problem

Other Stuff

  • Twin Peaks (Yay for DVD’s)
  • That 70’s Show
  • Absolutely Fabulous
  • South Park
  • Futurama
  • Media Watch
  • Big Brother (Im addicted)
  • Shameless

When I was young I used to like to hang at Q&A, Thursday nights at the Builders Arms Hotel, Q stands for Queer and the A stands for Alternative. Its one of the few places that I really enjoy. Highly Recommended A+

My little black box of stress relief
Fav Games:

  • Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee (R.I.P Abe and damn you MS and your xbox)
  • Oddworld: Abe’s Exodus
  • Tomb Raider I, II or III or 4
  • Ratchet & Clank
  • Jak
  • Crash


Fav Colour:

Fav Drink:
Vodka, Lemon & Lime is the taste sensation, but anything with vodka in it will do. And i do have a preferred brand Absolut Of Course you cant go past a bottle of champagne – absolutely delicious. For the ultimate in shots, drink Tequila, a bit of a lick, a sip and a suck does wonders for the mind, body and soul, especially when its repeated several times (min= 10 times, max=3 shots short of death or passing out)

Fav South Park Character:
any of them apart from Mr Hanky (I hate Mr Hanky)

Strange facts:
1.) I’m on a mission to bastardise the English language. In the future all occurrence of the words there, their and they’re will be replaced with there, their and they’re but not in their correct context. Sentences will barely exist. Capitalisation will become “do it only if you want to”. All rules of grammar will no longer exist, and spelling will be phonetic

2.) Willy Wonka makes these things called a Fabulicious Sherrbet Fizz, its sherbet in a raspberry roll….i crave these….i luv these

Well thats about it, if you want to know more send me a message via my contact page
Note: All spelling mistakes are on purpose or where just missed by the spell checker