Queer Stuff on the Net…
Freely available from anywhere in the world…until they find out about it and have it all banned

…in Australia

… and around the world

  • Check out San Franciscio’s Pansy Division for a queer band with attitude
  • For a heap of interesting stuff land on PlanetOut Mak sure u check out popcorn q for online short films and trailers for upcomming queer flicks
  • – for all things errr gay…kinda mainstream gay news and chat chat chat
  • -
  • Ohh and if your gonna do “it” them make sure u do “itsafely


For your daily news needs check out:


Up to the minute geek news

For your regular fix on rumors, misinformation and the latest gossip

Apple Software

  • Adium- a great open source multi service IM client
  • Vienna – open source RSS client
  • Cyberduck – open source ftp/sftp client
  • Growl – open source notification system for OS X
  • Smultron – text editor
  • Lingon – graphical interface for editing launchd files
  • ffmpegX- a graphical interface for video and audio processing tools
  • Geektool- show logs and commands on the desktop

Web sites to my favorite musicians on the web in no special order



  • David Lynch -
  • Gregg Araki -
  • Kevin Smith -
  • Apple – great selection of the latest movie trailers in quicktime
  • PopcornQ – at PlanetOut have a great slection of the latest queer flick both main stream and indie
  • ifilm – Large Selectiuon of online movies including queer stuff

Bits & Pieces

(A.K.A.. the other stuff that i couldnt be bothered cleaning out when i updated i.e. NEVER!!)

  • Polyester Record Store Melbourne Based Record and Book Store…This is worth a look…U can find a wide range of music as well as wide range of books on subjects from computer hacking to drugs and a whole host of bizarre subjects….check it out!!!!!! If your into fanzines then check out
  • MEGAZEEN 2 Its an online directory to Australian fanzines and comics
  • A list of some of the E-Zines out there on the net
  • If u use a mac then u should have this game called Infotron Its really really cool, but very very frustrating and u can end up hating it, but still wanting to conquer it…in other words get a copy of it…NOW!!!