Welcome …

to Brett Tuttleby’s web site, a web site of interesting nothings.
It exists as nothing useful to either myself or the internet

Whats New???

Besides a fresh coat of paint I have added a few links to some youtube videos of Timothy Coingrave and other bits and pieces

And the rest…
A quick run down on whats to offer

  • about me – is full of all the answers to the question of me
  • links – contains an exciting array of links personally chosen and approved by me
  • music a selection of my itunes playlists
  • Timothy Conigrave – information about the author of “Holding the Man” Timothy Conigrave
  • god rant – a rant from 1998 about a local homophobic church
  • prince in oz – contains a discography of Australian Prince CD releases from 1995 thru to 1997
  • photos – photos of me, when I can be bothered putting them up
  • contact – find out how to contact me and abuse me for this site